Saturday, 9 August 2008


在北京奥运会开幕式当天,无国界记者成员在北京播放了“无国界广播电台”的节目,该电台是中国唯一的自由FM调频电台。在总共持续二十分钟的节目中,无国界记者秘书长Robert Ménard和中国维权人士呼吁尊重言论自由。

Robert Ménard宣称,“中国政府拒绝了十几名无国界记者赴华签证,这并不能阻止我们在北京的行动,我们用小型广播发射器和移动天线成功地播放了广播节目。在反对媒体控制的精神指引下,无国界记者组织实施了这次行动。”无国界记者补充说,“这是自1949年中国共产党执政以来首次非国家电台广播。只有短波国际中文台才有可能冲破政府的新闻封锁,不过,即便如此,短波电台还是常常遭到政府的技术干扰。”

2008年8月8日当地时间上午8时,距北京奥运会开幕十二小时整,“无国界广播电台”以FM104.4兆赫的频段在北京通过几个广播发射器进行广播。节目的导言用英语、汉语、法语播出,无国界记者秘书长Robert Ménard在导言中说,“中国政府仍然关押着众多记者和网民,该电台的播音正是对中国政府的最好回应… …无论如何,即使在北京中心,总有人说让你不想听的话;不论用什么措施,完全控制言论只有是不可能的。”尔后,Robert Ménard要求中国政府释放因提出不同言论而遭关押的犯人并停止对国际中文广播的的干扰,“你们禁止我们来北京,你们不许我们来中国,可现在我们就在中国首都,以和平的方式让中国人民听到我们的声音。这一切说明一个问题:控制言论是不会成功的。”

节目包括对几名流亡海外的中国维权人士采访。原记者何青连向无国界记者解释了中国记者受媒体审查和自我审查的问题。一维权组织人士现身说法,通过自身经历介绍了奥运前夕的镇压活动。原政治犯杨健力介绍了他被关押期间的恶劣生活条件,并称,“外界压力主要针对提高政治犯监狱中的生活条件。”在中国被禁止的美国博讯网(经理介绍了网站义务工作者工作的动机,他们不顾危险,在网上发表有关政治、社会情况的新闻。 广播收听地址: 或

Members of Reporters Without Borders today broadcast "Radio Without Borders," China's only independent FM radio station, in Beijing just hours before the start of the Olympic Games opening ceremony. In a programme lasting 20 minutes, Reporters Without Borders secretary-general Robert Ménard and Chinese human rights activists called on the Chinese government to respect free speech.

"The Chinese authorities refused to issue visas to ten of our members but this has not stopped us from making ourselves heard in Beijing by means of a clandestine radio broadcast using miniaturised FM transmitters and antennas," Ménard said. "Reporters Without Borders devised and carried out this protest in a spirit of resistance against state control of the media."The press freedom organisation added: "This is the first non-state radio station to have broadcast in China since the Communist Party took power in 1949. Only international Chinese-language radio stations broadcasting on the short wave would be able to break this news and information monopoly, but they are jammed by the authorities."

The Radio Without Borders broadcast began at 08:08 local time on 08/08/08, exactly 12 hours before the start of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games. The programme, in English, French and Mandarin, was heard in on 104.4 FM in different districts of the Chinese capital.

In his introduction, Ménard described the broadcast as a "gesture of defiance towards the Chinese authorities, who are still keeping dozens and dozens of journalists and Internet users in prison." Addressing the authorities, Ménard said: "Despite everything, there are people who are going to be able to speak out about things you don't want the public to hear, in the very heart of Beijing. Regardless of the measures you take, you will not get rid of free speech."

Ménard then urged the Chinese authorities to release prisoners of conscience and stop jamming the frequencies used by international radio stations broadcasting in Chinese. "You banned us from going to Beijing, you expelled us from China. But despite all that, we are here, making our voice heard peacefully, in a completely non-violent fashion. It is a way of saying censorship just won't work."

The broadcast included interviews with Chinese human rights activists who have found refuge abroad. A former journalist talked about the censorship and self-censorship that is imposed on her colleagues still in China. A human rights activist described the crackdown on Chinese activists in the run-up to the Olympics.

A former political prisoner described the appalling conditions in which he was held. "External pressure is essential to improve the situation of political prisoners," Yang Jianli said. Finally the director of Boxun, a US-based, Chinese-language website that is still blocked in China, talked about what motivates the site's volunteer contributors inside China who, despite the risks, post reports on the social and political situation.


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