Friday, 15 August 2008

Beijing: What the Bloggers Are Saying?

Reading the blogs about the Beijing Olympics is proving to be rather revealing, and at times entertaining. If only for its bitter sweetness.

Here is one classic. The Chinese really got it right with security measures … but then again, maybe not.

"Why is there a tank outside the press centre?” asks a confused journalist. The answer from the Chinese officials was not less ridiculous than the question itself. I haven’t seen anything. I don’t know who took this decision. It does not come under my responsibility, but it must have been a security measure designed to protect the media. There is nothing to fear. There will be no negative impact on media access to the press centre."

Right, that will make some 25,000 journalists currently in Beijing, feel a whole lot safer. In response to this absurdness, one blogger from Reporters Without Borders (RFS) really got it right, as indeed the bootlicking is getting a little repetitive.

"The journalists, especially British and American ones and Agence France Presse’s correspondents, are getting tired of the smooth-as-polished-oak replies from the Chinese representatives and the transparent readiness of IOC spokesperson Giselle Davis to always accommodate her Chinese hosts,” he writes. The blogger goes on to say, “But this episode was exceptional, and the daily press conference sometimes sounds like a dialogue from a Samuel Beckett play. To the question: ‘Why did the Propaganda Department publish a list of 21 instructions for Chinese journalists covering the games,’ Wang replied: ‘The Chinese media have a right to provide coverage of the games.’”

And here is another pearl from the RFS bloggers.

"Despite the daily attempts by the IOC and Chinese organisers to varnish reality, the coverage of the Olympic Games is beginning to turn into a trial of strength between the foreign press and the Party’s legion of little soldiers, including policemen and police spies.”

If you want to get some laughter – here is a good one from The Time blogger. The Chinese cheerleaders really got him rolling.

"They danced in with the Olympics mascots, the Friendlies, frenetic pixies leading elephants. Then another group of what appeared to be escapees from the set of "Cats" appeared and did their own routine. Finally, all three groups danced together. Looked very odd to me, but you be the judge,” he writes. (Refer to this site to see the VIDEO.

Finally, here is a really good one – China’s gold medals found to have poisonous levels of lead. Got you there? Well, Andy Borowitz from the Huffington Post thought it was funny too. Ironically most would think that’s actually true – naturally, considering the recent lead-filled toys, anti-freeze toothpaste and the likes. He was only joking.

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  1. interesting...glad to know that some bloggers are telling the truth as they see it...

    lead in the gold medal, now that's ironically hilarious and pathetic at the same time