Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Protester throws shoe at Chinese PM in Britain

A young protester hurled a shoe at Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao as he gave a speech at Britain's Cambridge University on Monday, in a dramatic end to a five-nation tour of Europe.

In a clear echo of the Iraqi journalist who threw his footwear at then US president George W. Bush in Baghdad in December, the Western-looking man shouted "This is a scandal" as he interrupted Wen from the back of the auditorium.

"This dictator here, how can you listen to the lies he's telling? You are not challenging him," he said before blowing a whistle and hurling the sports trainer at Wen, who had been discussing China's role in the globalised world.

The shoe landed about a yard from the Chinese premier, who glanced sharply to one side to watch it hit the stage, but did not appear frightened. A security man moved across and kicked the shoe off the stage.

As the protester was bundled out, he shouted to audience members: "Stand up and protest," to which some of the spectators -- most of whom appeared to be Chinese students -- retorted: "Shame on you, shame on you."

After the interruption, Wen reproached the demonstrator.

"This despicable behaviour cannot stand in the way of friendship between China and the UK," he said, receiving a round of applause from the audience.

The incident -- following the protest by Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi, who gained global fame by throwing his footwear at Bush on December 14 -- came after Wen gave a largely anodyne speech in Cambridge, southeastern England.

Security had been tight for entry to the concert hall where the speech took place in front of about 500 people. Outside some 200 demonstrators, apparently mostly pro-Chinese, were kept at bay in two pens on the pavement.

Before the event began supporters waved red Chinese flags, while some banged drums and there was a colourful paper dragon -- although one banner from a protester said: "Remember Tiananmen."

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  1. i'm glad someone had the courage. hope there will be more (:

  2. 温总理在扔鞋后说得第一句话是,“老师们、同学们,这种卑鄙的伎俩阻挡不了中英两国人民的友谊、、、”。 温总理直陈扔鞋者“卑鄙伎俩”,不妥。中国传统上,宰相肚里能撑船,和一个抗议者没必要那么当真。另外,西方民主社会几乎所有来访的外国领导人都会遭到抗议,有的还很激烈,这是常态,抗议者有表达的自由,但民主自由在温的口中却变成"卑鄙伎俩"了!
    布什被扔鞋子,他说了什么呢?"If you want the facts, it's a size 10 shoe that he threw" ,他说:这是民主自由的体现,如果你想知道事实的话,他刚扔的是10号的鞋。一句幽默带过。西方示威几乎像游戏一样,示威者为了造成新闻效果,故意闯警戒线,让警察拖拉他们,记者配合照相。


    温家宝在剑桥大学的演讲被突发事件打断。一欧洲20几岁年轻人吹起哨子并大叫:“剑桥大学怎能向一个独裁者卖淫?你们为何要听他的谎言?” 他随后向温扔出鞋子,距温的脑袋半米处落下。“站起来抗议,你挑战的并不是他个人”。此人喊到,在被安全人员从大学礼堂带出时。