Friday, 27 March 2009

Woeser: Voice of Tibet

Despite Chinas tight control over information flow within its society, a growing number of Tibetan literary elites are playing an important role writing, blogging and interacting with the Chinese populace, voicing their minds through stories, poems, and blogs. The focus of our discussion today is Tsering Woeser, who is at the forefront of this movement, speaking, blogging and constantly challenging Chinese authorities, fighting hackers, arrests and detention. She remains unemployed, her blogs shut down, and her movements restricted but yet she has become one of Chinas greatest woman writers. Our panelists today will speak of her life in context with this new movement of Tibetan literary elites and the struggles that they have to overcome everyday.

China blocked access to on Sunday after dozens of videos of recent protests in Tibet appeared on the popular U.S. video Web site.

The blocking added to the communist government's efforts to control what the public saw and heard about protests that erupted Friday in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, against Chinese rule.

Access to, usually readily available in China, was blocked after videos appeared on the site Saturday showing foreign news reports about the Lhasa demonstrations, montages of photos, and scenes from Tibet-related protests abroad.

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