Saturday, 9 October 2010

Liu Xiaobo, the honor of China

Liu Xiaobo, won the Nobel Peace Prize this year. He is the second Chinese who get this honor after the Dalai Lama in 1989.

Perhaps you know the democracy movement in the spring of 1989. The protest on Tian’anmen Sq., Beijing played an important role during the tide of communism’s collapse which deeply influenced the East Europe and Russia. Unfortunately the movement ended in massacre on 4th Jnue, 1989. Till now nobody knows the death toll, how many people arrested, it is still a sensitive topic in China after 20 years.

Obtained the M.A. degree in Beijing Normal University, Liu Xiaobo was popular in area of literature. Then he became an human rights activist and one of the leader of democracy movement in 1989. After the failure of the movement he was jailed. As the signer on Charter 08, Liu was sentenced to 11 years in jail on December 25, 2009 after a local court in Beijing convicted him of agitation aimed at subverting the government.

The Nobel Peace Prize is the best response to Communist Party, authority should be ashamed. In the past, Chinese government and official media were always trying to derogate freedom fighters, by using all media sources to dispraise them. But now, Communist Party lose its confidence of brain washing. As the develop of the society, Communist Party is losing the power of control, especially on the internet. You can find many Chinese people are talking about the event, although authorities set up the Great Fire Wall to censor the information. All the things about Liu Xiaobo on traditional media is a short government statement to denounce the Committee of Nobel Prize. Official media keep silent about Nobel Peace Prize, they even dare not to denounce.

Their are many other political prisoners in China. The Nobel Peace Prize is a courage to Chinese people, the world doesn’t forget people in prison.

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  1. 恭喜劉曉波,恭喜中國人。


  2. 劉曉波--中華英雄